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Mary Christine (Mary Uke): BOOKING


  • Mary Christine Hargreaves
  • East Sumner, Maine
  • FOR BOOKING (Solo or Combo) Call 1-877-569-8035
  • ____________________________
  • Or Email -
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Family Entertainment, Cafes, Gatherings & Festivals

  • * * * FAMILY FOLK - Positive Interactive Songs for Kids of all ages ~
  • Favorites like: "The Ant's Came Marching", "Hiking Song", "Thanks Alot", "Put Your Finger In The Air", "Three Little Birds", "The Mud Song", You Are My Sunshine", "Puff The Magic Dragon", "This Land is Your Land"
  • Mary's Originals: "Big Old Cow", "Eagles Fly", "Country Fair", "Cookin Bacon", "Sing My Song", "The Little Pony Express", "In These Hills", "On My Bike", "Playin' The Ukulele"
  • * * * CAFE STYLE - Upbeat Modern & Ole Folk Tunes ~
  • Favorites like: "Modern Blue", "Brand New Key", "Car Wheels On a Gravel Road", "Fever", "Dream Baby", "SayThe Word", "Another Day Another Dollar", "Shady Grove", "Statesboro Blues", "Abilene", "Blue Bayou", "Over The Rainbow-Wonderful World"
  • Timeless Originals: "Love Is Strong", "Back To Cadillac", "Sparkle", "Not Alone", "Little Mama", "Soft Shoe Boogie", "Old Pine Hill", "Don't Make Me Blue", "Pitter Patter", "In These Hills", "Good Ole Friend", "Texas Tonight"
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