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Mary Christine (Ukelady): MUSIC

All Originals- Click Here for CD description. (c)(p) 2014

Written by Mary Christine Hargreaves and produced by Ukelady Music Productions. The entire collection of original songs is related to traveling, inspired by country life and Maine's beauty.

An easy listening / upbeat folk album for the traveler in all of us. While listening in your comfy chairs or cars, you can cruise along Maine's countryside and take in miles of sun, rain, joy, soul, freedom, friendship, a dusty road, a peaceful stream, and longing for home. Folk, jazz, blues, and Americana melodies are sung on guitar, ukulele, piano, strings and drums with special guests Heather Pierson, Nate Towne, Lindsey Montana, Bob Wallace, Rusty Wiltjer, Jeff Rojo, and Mary's husband Steve Hargreaves. Mastering was done by Ted St. Pierre at The Outlook in Bethel, Maine.

It took four years to produce this collection while experiencing and learning the huge realm of self recording, engineering, and publishing.  Many mentors are to be credited for their input including my son and guide Roy, also Al, Terry, Jack, Paul, and Jackie of the Tucker's Music Pub music workshops. The album design came together with the talents of my daughter Crystal Hargreaves, son Jacob, and husband Steve.

"My biggest inspiration was my mom, who lived with longterm rheumatoid arthritis.  In her honor, the proceeds from this new CD benefits the Arthritis National Research Foundation."